Let’s just pause…

Let’s just pause…

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I know I only shared a post last night but this morning sat over a green tea watching the world go by I have been struck by another thought I wanted to share.

Maybe we just need to slow down.

Now don’t start with the, ‘but I don’t have time to slow down’ or i just have so much to get done today’ excuses. Because actually will the world stop if you don’t do that load of laundry or will everything really fall apart if you don’t just nip to that place?! No probably not.

At the moment I really do not have the strength in my lungs to get anywhere fast. Now I don’t think God gave me cancer in my lungs, but the situation being what it is I have been forced to slow down! At the moment, gone are the days when I race to keep up with those who like to stride out, gone are my running days or rushing to get places on time. (Not that that ever happened before now anyway! 😂) so I will settle for that slow steady stroll that I am forced to do.

In all of that though, it means that I truly appreciate what’s happening around me, I stop to take everything in and all the little moments I missed, I get to see now because I am forced to just slow down and truly not take for granted the little things I see.

Two things I want to leave you with for the week, is it time to slow down a little? I don’t mean stop doing the normal household chores you have to get done but maybe take ten minutes out to just sit and have a cup of tea and watch the world go by outside. Life will still be there, busy and chaotic after your ten minutes. But it may smell a little sweeter than it did.

Also don’t take for granted your wonderful body! What I would give at the moment to feel the normal rise and fall of my lungs! I didn’t get to choose what happened to them, but if you can, choose to respect the body that has been given you. It is an incredible creation, it does just what you need it too when you need it. So don’t mess it up by wanting it to be any different or putting stuff into it that might ruin its wonderful mechanisms! Enjoy the air in your lungs, drink in the beauty around you and take ten minutes out a day to just sit loving your own company!

You are amazing!

6 thoughts on “Let’s just pause…

  1. Having spent three months ‘laid up’ with a prolapsed disc I came to realise just how hectic my life was. It was a great period of reassessment and I fully believe God allowed it to happen to slow me down. Now I am almost fully recovered life is picking up speed again and I’m in danger of returning to my old ways. Your post is exactly what I needed to read. As you always do, you are inspiring me awesome Woman of God. Thank you. Xxx

  2. Beautiful post, Laura. Reading this next to Teddy and it’s given me a beautiful reminder to have patience and go at Teddy’s pace, his body is a miracle and his strength is gods work.
    He just needs the time and sleep to develop that he would have been afforded if he was still in the womb. His time to come home will come but right now I am given the blessing of watching him gain strength surrounded by nurses who love him. Thank you for this post. Love you xxx

  3. What is this life full of care we have no time to stand and stare
    .Thank you Laura for reminding us in busy times there is a greater good to be sort at a slower pulse .❤️

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