All the best things come in threes…

All the best things come in threes…

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What do you say when your daughter says “mummy will you better soon? You have been poorly for such a long time now”

What do you do when you have had a week knowing that this is the path God has placed you on, it’s been positive and then you get hit by a curveball!

What do you do when all you want to do is give up or go back to a time when life was so much simpler, when you had beautiful long hair that you SO took for granted and you didn’t mind looking in a mirror at the body God had given you.
You have a good old cry! One of those really ugly ones, where you know if you looked in a mirror you would terrify the biggest monster! Because sometimes it’s ok to not be ok and to let it out! Sometimes that’s just what God wants us to do. To fall before Him and say enough is enough, I can’t do this anymore. This road is just too tough!
God doesn’t look at us in those moments and think ‘wow she’s an ugly cryer’ or ‘Whats she moaning about now’. No, it’s in those moments when He pulls you closer. He gets how hard it is, trust me, he gets it! And in those moments he holds you closer than ever because to Him you are more precious than you can imagine!

Last week I spent the week in Aberdeen. Due to not having any more treatment options open to me on the NHS I decided to look elsewhere and with the help of my family found a lot of information about Mistletoe therapy. Mistletoe therapy is used to encourage your own immune system to go into overdrive and fight off the cancer. I have to have a fever induced therapy in an iv plus an injection. It went well last week and the doctor was very pleased with my initial reaction. With this being said I have to go back in a weeks time for another fever induced therapy. (Not keen on leaving my girls for yet another week!) so a few things to let you all know about. A few weeks before I booked the therapy God blesses me with some funding to pay for this therapy.
In all of this I have been desperate to hear God talking to me and I really feel like God has been talking about things happening in threes. I am not entirely sure what He has in mind and am waiting for it to be revealed to me.
I hadn’t realised, and had been told, that I would have two lots of fever inducing therapy across two weeks. However on Friday the doctor told me that it would be three. I’ve had one and would go back for another two.
One of my friends recently encouraged me to listen to some testimonies of God healing cancer. The guy that I love listening too, heard from God three times before he received healing.
Finally another friend sent me a few passages from the Bible 1 kings 17. It is a story about a lady who obeys God by helping Elijah, when her son dies she asks Elijah why God would allow this to happen. Elijah goes to the son

“And he stretched himself out over the child three times and cried out to the Lord, “O Lord my God, please let this child’s life return to him.””
‭‭1 Kings‬ ‭17:21‬ ‭

He does it three times! And when Heidi asked me tonight when I was going to get better I said we wait on Gods healing. I asked her what she had learnt in Sunday school today, she told me the story above and said Elijah asked God three times to heal her son.

If we trust in Him, and are obedient to Him then He will bless us and give us more than we could possibly imagine. It’s not easy! But boy is it worth it!
have a great week and be blessed indeed 💙🙏🏻

3 thoughts on “All the best things come in threes…

  1. Wow Laura. This new treatment and the Doctor administering it sound a real blessing to you. For many years now I have no longer believed in coincidences – only God-incidences. Your post is proof of that. I’ll be praying for you Mighty Woman of God as you travel this journey, trusting in the One who loves you so completely. Biggest hugs honey. Di xxx

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