An afternoon watching Frozen…

An afternoon watching Frozen…

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The last few weeks haven’t been easy. I am waiting for bloods and tissue results that show mutations in them, the more mutations the more likely they are to have a trial for me.

Treatment has been stopped for now, because if I have treatment I then can’t go into a trial but equally living in this limbo isn’t the easiest place to be as it is here that you listen to those voices of negativity, you question the path you are taking and you feel as if you have stopped fighting the battle before you. It is in this place that I think God meets you full on, holds out his hands and asks you to step forward holding his hands because let’s face it this battle is one that I can not fight on my own!

On a Sunday afternoon I have ended up sat with all three of my girls watching Frozen. Now my youngest girls have never watched this Disney movie before, and to watch their faces just captivated by the film has been such a joy! However it has really spoken to me as well about the situation I am in. Now my close friend Meliza would definitely agree with me on this! Her take on Rapunzel was amazing!

Elsa in Frozen lives in this impossible situation, if she unleashes the power inside of her she fears that it will be too much. And yet there is someone in her camp that will stop at nothing to bring her sister home and right everything that is wrong. Imagine that kind of love, that kind of loyalty and that kind of power. It isn’t Anna’s (Elsa’s sister) battle to fight and yet she loves her sister so much that she can’t just stand by and do nothing. There is the negativity that comes from Prince Hans, who is just out for himself, he whispers in the ears of anyone who will listen. Lies, destruction and negativity. And wow it is so easy to listen to that when it is in your ear most days! No matter how much you try to block it out, or lock yourself in an ice tower, you can’t get away from what the world tells you. You won’t win this battle, there is nothing left for you, and you should just give up because hope is lost.

But is hope really ever lost. I don’t think so. I have been reminded again and again this week to RISE UP & not give up! This is a big battle, and it is bigger than me, and maybe it is Gods battle to fight not mine. In Frozen Elsa doesn’t fight this battle, Anna does it on her behalf and gets hurt in the process. God sent his son to die for me on the cross to bring full healing and health to all that follow him. That must have been beyond painful to see that happen but He did it anyway. Ok so Frozen is a movie, but what if we can learn something from it!?

It takes the kiss of true love to save the two sisters in Frozen, and I know that I have a God who truly loves me even more than that. He sent his son to die for me on the cross, and His power can transform any situation (Romans’ 8;37). So I am loved, God is beyond loyal where his children are concerned and this is His battle to fight so I must just give it all over to Him and TRUST!

I don’t see anything but a happy ending at the end of this tale….

3 thoughts on “An afternoon watching Frozen…

  1. What an amazing view into frozen that I have never seen before. God truly uses all mediums to speak to us. Bless you as always xxx

  2. Yes, you are loved! And when you are in God’s presence and receive His true love’s kiss, Faith will rise up in you and that mountain will shift. Standing with you, beautiful friend ❤

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