Do one now ……..

Do one now ……..

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And sometimes I think that’s enough now • sorry this post may be a bit of a whinge but every now and then I reach that stage where I think; this is not what I signed up for • I am blessed and that I am more than aware of, but I would like a day where I am not fearful, I am not fighting and something seems to go my way •

I really hate cancer • it has the ability to rob you of your joy, to make you question if you can manage simple life situations you normally take for granted and to make you fear that you won’t get to do all you have planned • it takes away your joy because you spend every situation wondering if this is as good as it gets or if others are thinking all doom and gloom around you but not voicing it • Little stresses seem magnified as you feel you are already on a battle ground but the arrows just keep flying at you! • I am so annoyed and cross that it does this to me! • it makes me look at the body which I believe was created perfectly, with annoyance and disgust! • what right does it have to inflict these feelings, emotions and level of control over anyone!?!

So cancer I am ready for you to do one now • you don’t belong! And you certainly have no authority over me! • sometimes we need to speak out against these things that we feel have control over our lives • we need to say NO MORE! • we look straight into the storm and we say ‘I will not be afraid anymore’ • for too long you have taken my hope, my future and my happiness; and that level of control stops now!

I pray that over the coming weeks, for those of you that feel like this (it doesn’t have to be cancer!) that you would feel the shift taking place where you move from a place of fear to a place of battle and then to a place of rest. That you see things through different eyes, and have a peace in your spirit that someone else has got this covered on your behalf! Don’t give up, don’t settle for that feeling of helplessness and don’t believe they lies that this is as good as it gets! 💙🙏🏻

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