In the midst of the battle …..

In the midst of the battle …..

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Lots of things happening at the moment…

First an update for those of you who I haven’t seen to speak too. My chemo is no longer working for me and it has now spread to my ovaries, with my lungs getting worse and a new growth on my liver. Obviously this wasn’t the news I wanted but I am still here, being a mummy, wife, sister, daughter and friend so I am not going to panic just yet.
If I had put all my trust in man then yes I would be panicking big time, but I have a trust in a much stronger and higher power. Even in the face of bad facts that doctors give me, I still maintain that my God will be the one who reverses all of this and uses evil for good! Just wait and see!!

So we are still in the midst of the battle, and it’s been an amazing week as God has really spoken to me about ‘battles’. On Sunday a visiting pastor told me that Psalm 118; 8 was a great verse for me at the moment. “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in people.”
Then I finally listened to a service on a blog sent by another member of my church family, the service was all about the battle not being mine to fight but it being Gods battle and He will fight it for me.

Just to cement all of this, I heard from a close family friend this morning (she clearly has her ears open to God) as she sent me this verse: Psalm 118; 14. Alongside it was a study that her cousin had been reading. The study started by saying ‘the battle is not yours, it is the Lords.’

It’s in moments like this that I think God is really trying to get me to lie down on the promises of the bible and take full comfort that He has this covered. He has not left me, He has not given up, He will not fail me and He will HEAL me!

Don’t ever think that God has forgotten you, despite what we sometimes see with our eyes or hear from those who have facts, He has everything in hand and loves us so completely that we will see His power in situations that we thought were end of the line situations!

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