Under His wings ……….

Under His wings ……….

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Ever onwards and as I head into today I know that God has me tucked under His wings. • I don’t know why this is the verse He keeps giving me but He knew the path before me four years ago when He first prompted this verse in my heart • and then four years later this is how I try to walk everyday • Hope at times of chaos isn’t easy but it is the best way to face your future particularly from a seat of joy. Which must sound crazy when the mountain before you looks so high & your body isn’t behaving as it should. • for me facing this with joy makes me realise that I can have hope as this is not what was intended for my body! it was intended with NO cancer •

• affliction isn’t from God, but it does develop our faith beyond what we could ever have imagined plus it develops our patience! • I never wanted this to last longer than a year but it has, so therefore I will dig deep and explore all of the things and promises that I can with my amazing faith • what a privilege to do that in the middle of a storm! •

I always viewed prayer as something I had to do and think I misunderstood the power behind it • when you have hundreds of people standing with you in prayer it is an incredible feeling • it is faith in action and it is beautiful because we aren’t arguing about what our God looks like we are just connected • the power of prayer speaks to my body to line up with the word of God, faithful in prayer means that we don’t stop doing that until my body is clear of cancer and meets everything it promises me in the bible • it can bring about miracles. What a way to live! #standinginhispromises #godisgood #romans12

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