Believe and trust ……..

Believe and trust ……..

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So today hasn’t been the day I hoped for • lots of facts but not a lot of truth • I appreciate that doctors see things one way, and I think today just felt like another hit from a horrible disease • it has left me feeling quite rubbish and full of fear • I will need sometime to pick myself up, dust off those facts and find the truth that I know is there just for me •

When I feel like I can share I will • prayer’s for my body to start lining up with the perfect way it was created to be would be amazing • we need to start seeing a different picture and one that I know is promised to me •

I am going to sleep tonight to believe and trust in more than I can see around me. And believing that Goliath WILL fall and for David it only took one small stone. Because He had the power of God on his side!

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