I’m just me ……..

I’m just me ……..

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Short post I hope…

Sat at Rosemere waiting for the results of my bloods • I really struggle sometimes when people say how amazing I am or what an inspiration I am to know what to say back to them. • I am simply me just doing what anyone would do in this situation • no it isn’t always easy; and it comes with sacrifices as well as fear • but as I have sat in the Rosemere waiting area this morning I have realised just how many of Gods blessings I have been given in this battle!

I get to sit and read, no nausea, able to walk, and with no pain anywhere in my body.

A lady came in on a stretcher, and couldn’t move. She just led asleep and yet she still had to go for radiotherapy! How horrible for her. There are a number of elderly waiting for hospital transport to get them home after a gruelling treatment. I have got to pray for all of them, prayers of strength, prayers of courage and prayers of healing.

I get to sit learning more about my faith and able to drive myself home once I am done. I can’t complain about waiting or even having to be here. I am blessed!! 💙🙏🏻

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