No rush ………

No rush ………

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 wanted to post tonight because I have felt like God has been talking to me all day • so often in this battle I go through each day feeling like I am so distant from my faith • and then I have a day where He just draws me back in and reminds me of all of his promises and who He is!

Today I shared with a friend a feeling that God had placed on my heart • He knew her situation & He asked me to share something with her • in doing so I reminded myself that I must not be in a hurry to escape a situation •

Now please hear me right when I say this • I am not enjoying this battle, I had no desire to place my body or mind under such stress or to put so much rubbish (chemo) into my body • however I think we rush through life sometimes wanting to get to the next stage • yes I would love to be cancer free, like I say I am not enjoying the cancer battle (it sucks!) • but in the battle I have found a closeness to God and a deeper level of faith than I ever thought possible • plus new friendships that I would not have had outside of this world!

That deeper level of faith has encouraged me to explore different areas of of my faith that I have always just taken for granted • I know that is not something we should admit as Christians • for me Communion has always played a huge part in my faith, I just think I never fully understood the connection it has to healing • so this week I have started reading the book in the picture below to try to understand its link to Jesus dying on the cross and our healing!

I have read and keep coming back to the verse in Isaiah 53: 4-5 ‘by His stripes we are healed’

I know that even some Christians view healing in very different ways, and I am sure some don’t want me to get my hopes up. • however why can’t healing be ours today if it says it is ours • I am not naive enough to believe that what I have isnt huge but equally if we speak out the words promised to us, read our bibles, take communion and speak over our bodies then we clearly understand and can’t deny the power of the cross.

Finally I have had the same thing said to me three times today just in different ways • when God speaks to you like that you really can’t deny what he is trying to get rooted in to your spirit and soul • thank you to my friends who have an ear open to Him and are happy to share what is on their hearts!

Let people know you are praying for them • tell them what is on your heart • and always be prepared to just sit before you run to the next step 💙🙏🏻

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