My family …………

My family …………

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I know this blog is to tell you about my treatment and where I am upto but I wanted to take this post to tell you about my fantastic family and my wonderful husband •

I would be lost without my family recently • and my sisters wedding has shown me just how much extended (adopted friends into family) family I have supporting and loving me! • it absolutely blows my mind to see that amount of love coming my way! So a huge thank you to you all! •

Now it is the eve of my wedding anniversary tonight • we will have been married 8 years tomorrow • and I love my husband more today than I ever have •

I am pretty sure when people get married and say those vows they never imagine for one minute that they will be tested • 8 years ago I stood next to a man and we promised to love each other through everything • 8 years later and that is exactly what we are doing! And we are fighting it pretty well together!

We never imagined this many hospital visits, the scan anxiety, the mountain we have to climb or the change in appearances we have to deal with.

But I love looking at our relationship now to where we were 8 years ago and seeing the changes because we are so much stronger not only in our faiths but in this together.

I have so much support, love, kindness and positivity from my husband that I really would be lost without it. When I am having a wobble he reminds me of the promises that God has given us • He reminds me just how strong I am and how we can move mountains because of our faith • every once in a while it is so important to tell those we love just how amazing their support to us is!

Who have you got that needs to hear how they boost you?
Give an extra thanks this week to someone that lifts you up!

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