What’s in a label …….. ?

What’s in a label …….. ?

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Today I read an article posted by a fellow twin mummy • she had posted an article by a lady called Katy in America • I decided to read it and then read the blurb at the bottom that explained who Katy is • after reading about her lovely husband and two boys it said ‘I am a stage 4 cancer survivor’

Yesterday I led next to Mark before bed and told him that I had been having negative thoughts a lot in the last day or so.

As if by ‘magic’ I then read a blog by a lady who had been given that label of stage four just like me. She like me, clearly said ‘no thanks’ to that label and went on to show them she wouldn’t be a statistic!

If I believed in magic I’d think this was all some lovely coincidence just when I needed it most.

Good job that’s not what I believe because otherwise I would be basing my future on something that could equally change in a puff of smoke. Instead I am basing it on feelings and experience. You can’t argue with those! They are the truth for me.


This article got me thinking though.

Labels suck most of the time. Who are we to be another statistic?! Let’s not be defined by labels!

I wasn’t created in a factory where everyone got the same bodies, where we all acted the same or had the same personality.

No I was created wonderfully, and uniquely. Therefore how can I now be defined and told what my body will do by other humans because we are following a textbook or going off others experiences.

My body was created perfectly and it will be perfect (or at least cancer free) one of these days.. because my faith tells me that I am not defined by labels, or others and I can believe in more. God created me!

So the next time I hear a negative voice telling me otherwise I am going to raise up my voice and with the truths I have been given I am going to tell those voices where to go (in a very polite way of course!)

Don’t let those negative voices label you.

You are not like anyone else; you were created perfectly; you are perfect in Gods eyes.

When circumstances make you feel like you are anything less than perfect, or our eyes try to get us to believe the mess around us is how it has to be. Don’t trust it. It’s never about what our eyes see in the physical; it’s about what we have faith in. 💙🙏🏻

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