Yeeeeee Bath time …… !

Yeeeeee Bath time …… !

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Last night I had a bath • now that sounds like a normal thing for most of us but for me it hasn’t been • I have had baths but with a constant fear of my picc line getting wet •

Last night marked a huge point for me in this battle • when things seem against you (which is how I have felt over the last month or so • God gives me that nudge which shows me this isn’t forever, it is a battle I can win and I am not alone in this •

I read a passage this week by Lana Vawser, and it really lined up with lots of things happening in my life at the moment •

She talked about being confident • if anything recently I have felt as far away from confident as ever; reading her word made me remember that I am blessed because I can have CONFIDENCE in his word. • I have been pulled from one negative comment to another; allowing the ground on which I stand to feel like sinking sand • but the ground on which I stand is built on my faith, and on truth • it is firm, but just how firm I find it depends a lot on my relationship with God • what does it mean for me? How much I am putting into my prayer life? Am I delighting in all He brings to my life? •

In particular in this word, I read with a smile on my lips about faith muscles • now most of you know that as I set off on my holidays for my sisters wedding I had a pain in my right side • it honestly felt like a knife was stabbing me with every breathe or action • I am hoping that this was due to a pulled muscle • (I feel a lot better now!)

So imagine my surprise when this one word talked about spiritual faith muscles that God is building in His daughters • it is painful but He is building these within us to push back and the enemy and to move us forward • maybe the pain I had was for a greater reason, maybe to stand firm on his word we have to go through some troubles because that’s when our feet become rooted. • constantly in His word we are reminded to not let our world fears or doubts disarm us • He promises us more and He promises us healing 💙🙏🏻

Don’t let the world disarm or bring about fears that aren’t inline with what the bible says. And appreciate all those small blessings (like having a bath) we find along the way! We are blessed beyond anything we ever thought possible already!

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