Testing or not ……….

Testing or not ……….

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Listening to a very dear friend preach in church this morning • and I won’t steal her preach but it has helped remind me that the tests we go through are not for God to test us • He knows how big our faith is (even when we aren’t sure how big it is!) • He sees the troubles, joy and faith in our hearts and souls • when we are in a test it is for US to understand how big, deep and wide our faith is! •

I spend quite a bit of time within Heidi’s school environment chatting to her friends parents • many of these have now become my friends • some of the mums I chat to have a faith like mine, however at the same time it is quite different to mine. • they believe that God tests us to see how big our faith is • whilst I love talking to them about their faith, I equally love that mine is different. You see my God doesn’t test me, He hasn’t given me cancer because He is a loving, compassionate father. • He is however loving that my faith is deeper, and I am more dependant on Him than ever before because of this rubbish situation •

Don’t ever think God has forgotten you. Or that He has given you hard things or storms in your life. Or that He leaves during those storms • it is in those moments He wants you to trust him • so allow it, choose to have a faith, choose for it to be deep and dependant on God.

As we head into the summer, school holidays and making memories, let’s remember to stop and refresh. • If we want to see just how big our faith is, sometimes we have to stop in the midst of our own created busy lives • remember God is a good God and He wants us to have a faith where we trust in Him completely. But we can’t do that if we put off spending time with Him •

I am so excited to head off on holiday for my sisters wedding! • I do however need prayer for tomorrow that my bloods come back right so I can start the next lot of chemo • if you do pray please pray for this and that my lungs start to improve • 🙏🏻💙

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