Going to the edge ……

Going to the edge ……

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Sometimes in life we feel that we have so much thrown at us, and that it is more than we can handle. On our own strength, yes it probably is more than we can handle mentally and physically. It could overwhelm us completely!

But I’ll let you into a little secret; with God on our side it is never more than we can handle!
In everything I am slowly (takes me a while!) figuring out that I must keep, in his strength, through Him and with Him in me; in order to figure out how to navigate this path. Nothing will be achieved in my own strength! We must not take for granted that we have enormous capabilities if we rely and become dependant on him.

I remember with one of my college friends we used to say God may take you to an edge but He will never let you fall!

Recently I have felt that I have been pushed to that edge, treatment is ok, I know God has my healing in hand but work has been tough! I’m feeling a little bit worn down by circumstances and that has meant I have felt further from Gods strength than normal. But I have decided no more! I will let not let fear derail me, I won’t let it stop me from finding joy and negativity around me can find some where else to rest its head!

I have been asking God to speak to me, I find being distant from Him (my own fault) creates a really unsure feeling inside of me. Today He once again came through for me, as I dropped Heidi and a friend off at holiday club this morning a lady that has read my posts on here told me that I am an inspiration.
I never find it easy to get compliments from people, I’m never quite sure what to say in response. None of this is me, it’s all down to Him. But at a time when I am needing that boost someone stops me to tell me how I have impacted them, and that is just what the doctor ordered. It also got me thinking, we all need to be a bit more vocal with our positivity. Stepping outside of our comfort zones to let someone know we are thinking of them, or how they have had a positive effect on us or even better to let them know we are praying for them.

This week I am going to challenge myself to speak to those people I don’t know, by listening to the prompting of God. It’s very easy to get distracted by life, and to slip into the comfort of who we know and what we know. But imagine if that lady hadn’t spoken to me this morning?! I can honestly say my day wouldn’t have been as brightened as it was in that moment. So to the lady who stepped out to speak to me – Thank You!

Back at the hospital today for my chemo tablets, waiting in bloods to say if I can have them yet! Get praying people that my bloods are ok, I can get cracking again and that my lungs and lymph nodes respond to the new treatment! 😘🙏🏻💙

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