Giants can be defeated ……

Giants can be defeated ……

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I don’t think I post enough in honesty • it’s very easy to have a positive face on to the outside world but it’s a lot harder to say • ‘today has been a bit hard, I read… or I have had thoughts of…’ • apart from bringing it all to God in prayer who do you tell, who do you cry on or shout with that ‘it’s not supposed to be this way’ • but today has been a bad thought day. • it’s not been a negative day, quite the opposite but it has been a bit knocking my positivity day. •

Reading this tonight has made me realise we all feel like this • it’s normal to not always feel happy or positive particularly when you have a huge giant constantly over your thoughts or behind you • other people’s words can be such a blessing and we should take time to read or listen, as well as taking on board what is out there for us • God sends what we need just when we need it. Thank you for this Lord • I am blessed! 🙏🏻💙

This was written for me today • I am strong even when I feel weak • it may look like a giant but giants can be defeated • just one more stone will see healing released and the Giant falling 

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