Being patient is hard ……

Being patient is hard ……

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A new treatment • I am now on a drug form of chemotherapy which I take at home and don’t have a pump fitted. • the side effects are very similar to the drugs I have had before so not expecting anything drastic •

I am so thrilled to be in this position to have another lot of chemo • the nay sayers putting me down with talk of ‘well it is your third line’ have no idea how blessed I am • I get to have a third line lot of chemo! • God has me in the palm of his hand!

Saying that I really feel that I need to say, regardless of if you see God in your situation or it’s too dark to see anything • God moves even when you don’t see it or feel it • He has not deserted you & He will hell you through • His heart for you is full of love, and he just wants to pour out blessings on your life. We don’t always see it, if we are in the middle of a storm it’s so easy to see black rain clouds and forget that RAIN brings new life • Keep looking upwards, keep expecting miracles and even when you don’t feel like it look for blessings because YOU are more than worth it and more!

This topic of RAIN & BREAKTHROUGH • bringing miracles and washing over me is so important and really speaks to me at the moment • I don’t know how God will do it, but He will make my body whole again, He will restore and an immovable impossible situation is nothing to Him.

Today I read this post by a great guy, & then a friend just confirmed how relevant it was for me by sending it to me.
If I’m honest, recently I have struggled to make time for God and have felt a bit distant. • somedays it’s hard to battle constantly, day in day out putting your heart and soul into a fight • looking upwards and letting Him lift you up or shelter under His wings. • I think with me it probably has a lot to do with control • I like to be in charge (😉😂) and have a clear plan of what is going to happen • when I don’t have that I find the road a little tough to follow • again I think I am subtly being taught to be patient & to trust that I can’t and shouldn’t have control • and sometimes it’s about just sitting and being silent • I don’t have to pray but I do need to just sit with Him.

Have a good week everyone, prayers for my lungs and the inflammation to go down would be amazing if you pray! 💙🙏🏻

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