I’m going to dance …..

I’m going to dance …..

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Back again…

After five weeks off treatment (yes it’s as scary as it sounds!) we are back at the hospital to hear the next lot of treatment plans • that is the not so scary bit. Because when you have a plan you can beat or fight anything! • cancer takes so much away from you, but one of the worst things is that it takes away any kind of control • therefore I am gaining back my land (that I am promised) and making a stand that I will not let it take any more control out of my hands or from God •

This meeting is just one of many but it will allow me to ask about more trials, understand the next treatment plan and again tell those in the nhs managing my care that my God is so much bigger than all of this. What’s some harmless bragging 😂

I am excited to see what is to come, and still in it all trusting that all of this is only going to bring about a BREAKTHROUGH!

I have been blessed so far and I will continue to be blessed in all of this. • last week I met a lovely guy who is really excited to help me start up a bowel cancer support group here in Preston • our family are so precious and amazing at being supportive but I think it’s so important to talk to those going through the same as you • talking blesses, talking helps & talking is what I do best! • it can be scary but sharing those fears or worries is a positive as no one should go through this alone!

I’ll dance into this meeting because my body is going to (with His help) beat this invasion of naughty cells and when in doubt why not dance

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