What’s in a mixed bag ……….

What’s in a mixed bag ……….

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A mixed bag • so I finally have the exact measurements of each tumour in my currently imperfect body •

A mixed bag could mean so many things, a mixed bag of opinions, a mixed bag of sports results or a mixed bag of sweets. • it can mean different things to different people and ultimately depends on how you view it •

We have a choice on how we view things • and boy is it easy to view them surround by troubles and doom, but if I am learning one thing it’s that viewing it like that doesn’t do is any favours • it brings our whole approach to this beautiful life down, it affects our mood, our food and how we spend time with others •

I know that the choice isn’t an easy one, we listen to the whispers as ever that we aren’t good enough, that this circumstance will never change and who are we to expect it too. • I would love a mixed bag of sweet things right now; to be told ‘we can’t see anything there anymore’ but I am learning perseverance in the midst of a storm is something pretty special to be taught •

What I love in all of this is the difference I see in my self • and what I love even more is that my God never gives me a mixed bag, He is the same today, yesterday and will be the same tomorrow! • His love for me doesn’t change and the promises in His word will never change •

My mixed bag is what the doctors perceive it as, that’s their opinion. They are trained and wonderful people • but I see that mixed bag as something that can change • and I know that’s what my God intends to do for me!

I am reading the most amazing book at the moment, below is a picture that is my prayerS for this week • my body may not be perfect right now but it was created perfectly and I know that at the end of this rubbish situation He has a calling for me to follow for the next 50 years (at least) so I will take my mixed bag, mix it up and choose the next source of treatment knowing He has it hand and I can choose to enjoy this beautiful life I have been given with my best friend, my three gorgeous girls, amazing family and the most incredible friends • what’s not to love about that?!

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