At the top of the roller coaster ………

At the top of the roller coaster ………

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My results will be official tomorrow and barring my oncologist totally missing something on Monday everything looks to be stable and not growing! • this to me is great news and the power of my God • 🙏🏻

Sometimes it is overwhelming being on this rollercoaster and I don’t think it ever just applies to cancer • we all have situations we have had or are going through where our emotions, thoughts & paths feel like a rollercoaster • when we go down it feels like we will never get back up the other side •

It’s like one of those old rollercoasters where there is a pulley system to get you back up to the top, it would grind and make awful noises • it would also feel like it was taking forever to pull the full weight of those carriages up that steep climb •

Have you ever felt like that climb is just too much? All you want to do is sit back and get to the top as fast as possible • away from those thoughts & emotions that threaten to slide you back down •

Being in a path like that sucks, it’s often not fair and we don’t understand why • it is totally normal and human to feel like this but from one rollercoaster ticket holder to another don’t let that steep climb put you off from sitting back in the seat of your rollercoaster and going up •

we may never understand why, but please know whether you have a faith like I do or you don’t do faith, there is something beautiful at the top of that rollercoaster climb for everyone • you have the strength and you can make the choice to go up! It is a choice. So find those that love you, surround yourself with them, give them a seat on your rollercoaster and make the choice to climb 🎢 it isn’t easy but it is TOTALLY worth it and rollercoaster rides don’t last forever 💙

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