How to fight the battle …..

How to fight the battle …..

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Today is results day • would love to say that even on these days I am filled with positivity, peace and understanding but that is not the case because I am human; and regardless of your faith or relationships we are created to feel fear and worry • but it is on these days that I realise just how big this mountain is that I need to move • thankfully I don’t have to do this on my own (now that would be terrifying!), I get to do this with my God right by my side, encouraging me in the word that this battle is one where victory is already secured. •

So this morning, encouraged by some good friends I have sat down with my trusty notebook and opened up Gods word •
Psalm 118:14-18 says everything I want to say today. •

As I read this passage a song played on my phone •
‘This is how I fight my battles’ 🎼

Simply put, by staying in His word I fight my best fight • I don’t need anything else, just the strength and promises of the God I serve.• I will forever praise Him for my healing and give Him the glory! So everyone knows and gets sick of hearing it 😂

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to explain how I am fighting this battle to some lovely ladies • I love being able to tell people about God and sitting this morning I really feel that it is time to step it up a gear and do something that fills me with apprehension • I believe that it is now time for me to not only talk about my faith to people but to start praying for people who are sick or in need of some kind of healing • for many of you you will know that this is not within my comfort zone • I can tell you now there will be times I chicken out • but if this is what I am asked to do, I should (in the words of a popular sports brand) just do it!

I have no idea of the impact or reason behind it. But how exciting to be in a position to use this rubbish situation for His glory! • who knows what we will see happen, miracles are His handiwork! •

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