Intimacy …..

Intimacy …..

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Over the last few days God has been speaking to me about intimacy with Jesus, deliverance and breakthrough. I really want to share what I hope is an encouraging post this morning.

This battle I am in has been the most draining, toughest and tested my mental capacity no end! It is the biggest one I will ever fight. But fight I will because it is going to be the battle that brings with it the biggest rainbow. I will be an old lady still singing my battle song for everyone to hear at 90 of that I am certain.

It is really easy in the midst of a battle for us to look all around at the devastation that is taking place and become disheartened, • we hear voices of ‘will it ever end’, ‘is it really possible’ • darkness has a great way of covering over the truth if we let it • we can look at something and it looks so different in the darkness •

Fear is that darkness in my situation right now • it comes into my mind often and wants to sit down and stay • it is hard to get rid of and I can find myself entertaining those thoughts which pull me into worry or anxiety.

Today I have a scan. There is the capacity for that darkness to take over, for it to whisper in my ear ‘who do you think you are to be healed’ • in these moments I stand on what has been promised me in His word • I spin round and look that whisper in the eye and say ‘who am I not to be healed’

As I went to bed last night I heard a shout and cry from Heidis room. She sleeps really well and very deeply so it’s always a surprise to hear a sound from her • I jumped out of bed and probably moved faster than I have in a while! • going into her room I found her sat up in bed, saying ‘but I want the other one’. I have no idea what she was dreaming or referring too but I realised that her nightlight had gone out which is what had woken her • Heidi loves her nightlight and since being a baby needs that light to make her feel safe and secure when she sleeps • at five almost six she should probably be able to sleep without it but if it helps her I am happy to indulge it for as long as she needs me too •

In this moment I heard God so clearly say to me ‘I am you light, I will not go out and I will light up your darkness so you need not be afraid’ • I had a little chuckle that He was using something so obvious to talk to me. But in that moment I realised I have no reason to fear, my breakthrough of light is coming. He is going to bring light into this darkest of situations, simply because as our father in heaven that is what he does and longs to do for his children! • I heard so many promises that are in His word in that moment • and I realised that sometimes if we light up our fears then we have nothing to fear.

So as for today and my result day, you are nothing to fear. I have a light that will blow away all that you wish to bring me down with • I have promises that have more power in them than anything fear can throw at me • the end result for me is one of light, praise and glory to the God who heals and loves his children

Don’t let fear sit with you, don’t let that darkness make you think that there is nothing good at the end of the battle and understand that when you put a light on only then can you see clearly that Hope is on your side.

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