What to say ………..

What to say ………..

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Sometimes in this walk I hear or am told things that pile on the fear factor for me • people don’t know what to say when you tell them the medical facts • I do understand that it’s hard on others but I have decided that I need to start every conversation with people by explaining about my faith • about my God that has given healing freely & that I do not have fear • I do not intend to go anywhere early (never been early for anything!) •

I guess what I want to say in this post is, those conversations aren’t easy. But also for all of you who take on those conversations when you don’t know what to say but want to say something thank you • for most of us with cancer all we want is someone to fight with us and tell us that’s what they are doing •

This is my promise & I stand on it because I know the power of my God • to all those people who stand beside me thank you • to all those who look at me & say ‘you look so well’ thank you • to those that fight & pray with me thank you • you are my constant source of positivity and I love you for it! • for those that tilt their head to one side, & give me that ‘I’m sorry’ look ; please don’t be because you don’t have any idea of the power of the God I serve • your negativity to this situation isn’t going to impact that power & it isn’t helpful • it’s never easy to know what to say (I understand that) but equally we all have one thing in common • the desire to FIGHT • #bekind #mygodheals #ihavenofear 💙🙏🏻

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