Waiting and fear ……..

Waiting and fear ……..

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When life chucks fear and negativity at you; what can you do?! • In your own strength there is nothing you can do.

I have struggled with that fear and negativity yesterday but once again have decided to look at that fear in the face and for what it is • it is an attack from the enemy in this battle that I am fighting • since I have not been given a spirit of fear from God I must through it off and not let myself stand in it • I know this battle has already been won by my God, healing is mine & it will happen for me •

Somedays I just wish it would happen soon • you do get a bit fed up of being the ill one, the girl constantly fighting for something brighter • the girl who needs to push to get the treatment that will give me the best chances •

Then I do a full reverse and remember that it is all in HIS timing • and it’s not a bad thing to wait because the amount of people I am meeting and the impact I am having sharing my faith is because His work is not done with this yet. • waiting in this isn’t my idea of fun, and it is deeply frustrating at times but I don’t want to miss out on this deeper level of faith that I know have • it is exciting see God in everything I do, to hear His voice and see His direction for my life • I love that I am totally dependant on His spirit to bring my healing; what a testimony it will be and how much glory in that miracle when I can say medically it is gone!

I was sent a few things from close friends yesterday and all of them were about fear • God loves to speak to me even in the midst of my storm, just to let me know He hasn’t forgotten me and I need not be afraid • what a blessing to have a God that sends three or four people to tell you the same thing. It’s never a coincidence!

Finally I know that everyday I get up and fight this thing that doesn’t belong, is a day that I am one step closer to the doctors wondering where it went. • it’s also making the enemy terrified because if I can shout that I am a miracle because of the God I love what kind of impact will that have on people I meet?! • so getting running enemy because I am not letting the fear you give me pull me down and I will have my day shouting from the roof tops


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