Its the people around you ….

Its the people around you ….

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• yesterday was a draining day; I had a swelling in my neck around a lymph node. I know this lymph node is probably infected but I wanted to make sure my picc line hadn’t moved so in I went to the hospital •

I really dislike hospitals as many of us do • I feel like they are filled with doom & a sense of hopelessness (not the combination you want when you are apprehensive or fearful) • however yesterday I approached this uncertainty with the weight of some powerful prayers behind me • I think sometimes I underestimate the power & strength that comes from my friendships in this time •
I may be strong but it is only because of my friendships and my God (it’s not me that’s amazing) •

I know I always underestimate the power of God in all of this • he has bigger, grander more magnificent plans than I can imagine & He will have the glory in this •

But in these times when I feel helpless, anxious and worrying I am blessed to have some amazingly strong people around me. • my justgiving pages have shown me how incredible you all are to support our family like this • life isn’t always easy but it’s worth celebrating because we only get one chance here on earth • from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you for the love, kindness, prayers, food and financial support • I am blown away by your love for others THANK YOU 💙💪🏼 #togetherwearestrong #iamhealed

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