The way forward ……

The way forward ……

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Today was chemo day. As always I was sat with someone who has the same diagnosis as me.
Once again I believe this is no coincidence. While I am in this place I am being able to speak about my faith & what I believe is the best way forward in all of this.

How our bodies often mirror what our mind is saying. How we tackle this thing inside us that doesn’t belong. How we look it in the eye and tell it that we will not be beaten. Yes we all have our fearful days, our days of being human. It is something that should happen, we have to allow ourselves to feel that feeling but equally as I always say it is important not to let that feeling take over or to sit alongside it and have tea with it. (And that is not an easy path or easy for me to say) it is a fact but it is not truth.

God did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. So let’s grab on to that when we feel broken down to dust and ask to built back up into a beautiful vase of clay.

Another image I keep getting is rains that bring with them the new life of spring. Where things have been taking a stronghold and strangling the good • like weeds that spread and kill as they move this rain will paralyse them in their tracks • you know that fresh smell you get of cut grass when it has been warm and the rains finally arrive; that is how it will be with my healing. It will start in the place where the pains started when I was diagnosed travel putting those bad weeds out of that I have no doubt. So I will pick up my sword and continue to terrify the enemy as I stand firm on the promises in the word. •

With all of that said I have very recently felt very much under attack from all sides • when I say attacked; I don’t mean literally but I mean that I have had more fearful days than normal; I am tired more often if having to fight this battle and I have been letting the world influence how I feel and react to things. • this is when I realise that something is trying to derail the positivity & stance that I have • but it is also when I realise that I am walking this in he right direction. God is pleased with me because I am listening to His voice • the picture attached explains it better than I can.

• the enemy is firing arrows at me on all sides & I will stand firm on His word • I know that my positivity, His power, and me standing on the word of God whilst praising Him for my healing is terrifying to the enemy • I am headed in the right direction and there is nothing that will stop me. #healingisdone #Heisatworkinmeevenificantseeit 💙🙏🏻 #ihavefaith

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