No umph and yet …….

No umph and yet …….

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Today was amazing.
This last week I have had some negative thoughts, as ever I know that they do not not come from the God that I believe in. He does not give a spirit of fear!

But today made me realise that I can do all things through Him that gives me strength.

I took the girls to the Sea Life Centre in Manchester and then we went for lunch and a quick shop in the Trafford centre. I have never done anything like that before on my own, & recently the new chemo drugs have really taken ‘it’ out of me.
I have tried to explain it’s a type tiredness that isn’t about me not having enough sleep (although if honest I could go to bed earlier 🤦🏻‍♀️) it’s simply as if my body just says I have no umph (technical term)!

Taking three under 6 to something like that would have filled me with dread before being diagnosed, today I saw a challenge and decided to face it with positivity. It was a choice to face it that way, to look at how I felt this morning (better than the end of last week) and say let’s have a good fun filled day.

And that we did… we played, we laughed & we enjoyed being together.
It would be so easy to let treatment or my diagnosis get in the way of having this time or being a mummy. Today I got to be the mummy that I always aim to be.
I got to enjoy my girls and my time with them. Nothing stopped me or got in my way, and for someone going through this crazy journey that is simply the best feeling in the world! I wasn’t poorly, I was Mummy.

And maybe the message that He is trying to get through to me is, ‘rest in Me when you need too and only then will you experience the BEST I have for you’
In His strength I am NOT ill… I am HEALED!
With all of that said somedays it isn’t easy being a parent, if they haven’t had enough sleep or are hungry you can be fighting a losing battle with them. But today my girls behaved beautifully & it definitely would not have been the day it was with out them just being so wonderful! Heidi helped me by watching her sisters while I ran to get high chairs, they all held hands and walked round together and best of all they made each other giggle.
I am incredibly blessed by my daughters, and can not wait to make decades of memories with them! #iamhealed #ichoosetobepositive #inHisstrength 🙏🏻💪🏼💛

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