There’s a lot of ‘stuff’…….

There’s a lot of ‘stuff’…….

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This is part of the stuff supporting my body in this process • notice I am not saying it will cure me (Only God can heal me) • but boy does it help me.

So what do we have here; we have apricot kernels (yes they contain cyanide but limit how many I take a day),
vitamin D & vitamin K (good for my bones),
milk thistle (good to cleanse the liver of toxins)
Turmeric (just a great root!)
Asparagus juice (really great at killing those cells that aren’t doing their job)
Smoothie (antioxidant so great at flushing out those nasties)

And then come my new drugs, which aren’t a trial they are from a private clinic but one which I have heard great things about.

Diabetic tablets – stop those naughty cells getting any sugar for energy
Cholesterol tablets – break down the hard shell that is created around the naughty cells and make them visible again to my own immune system
Tape worm tablets (yes you heard right?!?) – these make the cells weak, like us not having water in the desert
Antibiotics – target the stem cells that cause spread

This weekend I was led to a post that really made me think, it mentioned that often the fullest rain clouds are almost black and very dark. And yet those clouds bring the rain. They bring something that promotes new life, encourages it and washes away the dead plants or leaves.

What an amazing image. What an amazing promise. My rain clouds have been dark but the winds of change are causing those clouds to break and release the best rain storm I have ever seen and for that I give ALL the glory to God!

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