Treatment …

Treatment …

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So what is happening with me treatment wise; in all of this I am focusing on my faith because I know it is what brings my healing but equally I have to go through the fires on this journey.

The last lot of chemo is taking it’s toll on me in terms of being more tired than normal, and the side effects are more prominent than the last lot of drugs. I could manage losing my hair as it is something I knew would return at some point. This time round I am at risk of neuropathy which could be irreversible if it is left to get worse. The only thing they could do is reduce my dosage so that it doesn’t get too bad, but as you can imagine I don’t want that to happen. I want to fight this with all I have and can cope with side effects.
Although it was difficult trying to blow the twins nose the other day or trying to undo their jacket zip, the neuropathy means that my hands spasm and won’t respond to what my brain is telling them to do.
On top of that my vocal cords spasm and it feels as if something is lodged at the back of my throat when I try to swallow or eat.
When I get cold my hands get pins and needles, which can be fun!

In all of this I know that the chemo is working to fight this thing, I want to use it but I also want to protect my other healthy organs (I have some working properly 🙈😉).

I have it a lot easier than others I have met, & if God is for me?!

But if you do, please pray that the neuropathy would be limited so I don’t have to reduce my dosage, that the healthy organs and cells would be allowed to prosper and that the new drugs I am taking alongside my chemo weaken those nasty cells to have more of a positive impact.

Thank you guys 💙🙏🏻⭐️

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