A season of change …..

A season of change …..

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In this season of change, restoration and renewal God has been talking to me about it being finished or case closed.
I really feel that in all of this the promises are there, & God is showing me that with water and reflection those seeds planted will come to fruition because it is DONE. A dear friend has been blessing me immensely for the last 40 days by recording a prayer for me each day, which I get sent to listen too as I start my day.
What I have loved most about this blessing is that it is rooted in scripture, every day I have been blessed with a different bible verse. I have verses that I have read over the years and they have revealed a new character to the good God I know as well as verses that I never knew existed.
In all of this I am listening to different blogs, videos and pastors; it has really opened my eyes to different theories & blessings. This spoke to me last week and I really hope it blesses you.

We are never without Hope.

I am strong but I am only strong in His strength. It isn’t about me, or down to me doing anything differently it is all in His strength. And when the final case is revealed in my life God will have the glory!

Be blessed this week, walk in His strength & know that if we trust in Him those things that bring us down can be a case closed situation.

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