Wave the red flag ……….

Wave the red flag ……….

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This week has been a week of JOY • which may sound like a strange thing to say when in the midst of a storm like I am. But I don’t think our circumstances should define our feelings. We make a choice each day how we approach the things we face and the things that surround us. • I’m not saying it’s easy or pain free but I have found that it melts fear and stress away • psalm 63;7

This verse has been at the front of my mind over the last few weeks, Isaiah 43;19 • it talks about new things and this has been my situation this week. I am starting some new things to help in this next stage of my journey. I have the opportunity to have some new medication, household medication with very little side effects which will weaken the naughty cells in my body and allow the chemo to attack it better! • it is exciting and I feel like my fight has been encouraged • the positivity I found in this consultant was fantastic, he understood me and is so encouraging • he isn’t promising my healing (I already have that from Him) but he is wanting me to be encouraged by their research and others stories •

In this new stage I have had a lot of ‘side thoughts’ (I know where they have come from) and they aren’t God thoughts. • I have let myself be taken into that thought arena and was given the picture of a bull fighting ring. Me in the middle ready to face these thoughts entering the ring with power and determination. • when we have new positive blessings enter our lives, the enemy wants to counter them and comes at us not quietly and with a soft approach but with a power so full and determined to throw us off course • don’t be fooled that it will be softly softly but be prepared and on your toes to dance out of the way and defeat that bull.

The way I have defeated it and waved my red flag this week was through JOY. It is the fastest way to take down those bulls that charge towards us. It totally removes the power in those thoughts, it isn’t easy but I would rather destroy them than be controlled by them! •

Another thing that keeps cropping up this week is ‘under his wings’. Now doesn’t this sound like an idyllic safe place to be?! • nothing can get to you and you can just be still. I kind of imagine that it is a soft blanket under a tree, with your favourite book and complete silence to just relax. • I have been challenged this week to also understand that under his wings is all of that but it is also somewhere that you can battle or fight. • there is a protection there but there is also the opportunity to battle from that position. •

We should always be ready to battle, find that strength to take up a sword and stand firm. It is going to take patience but it also takes joy and trust.

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