Choose to be positive……….

Choose to be positive……….

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Today has been interesting to say the least; that and emotional. I think I forget how much all of this takes out of me, not only is it having an effect on my body but it has an effect on my emotions too.

It’s ok to say that and it certainly doesn’t make me weak or ill.

I have my moment & then I pull up my big girl pants, face those fears or stresses of my week. Grab my strength & tackle it all head on ready to battle again. I am bigger than this; I won’t stand for negativity, I say no to labels & I am still just ‘Laura’.
My day started with not knowing what was happening in terms of treatment & had a bit of knockback before leaving for the hospital, so along came the emotions!
Thankfully my husband and parents came to my rescue. I gave blood (which had to be checked again as my neuts were still low) and then headed for lunch with dad to await the phone call to find out if I could have chemo this week.

Lots of prayers later & I got the wonderful phone call to say I could have chemo. Then I waited for drugs to be ready, and bumped into the lovely lady I had met the time before. Such a joy to chat to her and give her a hug.

Chemo started at 4pm, and once again I met a a new lovely lady. The lady I met was the same lady that I had mentioned in my previous post all about the kiss of God.
She happened to be in the same room as me (I don’t like being in a room normally so they move me but they didn’t today) and I mentioned that she had inspired a previous post! From that we talked non stop until I left at 6.30.

It was so lovely meeting her, such a positive lady going through some horrendous side effects but all with a smile.
We shared the fact that sometimes it’s ok to feel low, unsure or emotional. We are allowed to be vulnerable as long as we don’t stay there and we keep pushing forward!

As I left, the first lot of side effects from this new drug for me kicked in.
I got hit by the cold and my finger tips (everyone of them) suddenly had the worst pins and needles I’ve ever had. They lasted for a long time after I got in the car, but as always I prayed over them. Thank you for letting me feel things God but you can control these side effects for me; and then I sang worship songs all the way home and by the time I arrived home it had all gone! #praiseGod #inworshipthereispower

Finally this picture just captures my attitude today. Have a good week, be positive (it’s a choice) and stay strong! We have a power we can trust to bring healing, miracles and compassion!

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