A community

A community

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This morning I have been reminded that we are a community • we all crave belonging, acceptance and community • it’s a love that we all need in our lives.

For many of us this comes from those around us, but for me it also comes from our relationship with God. In His arms we find all of the things we crave as humans.

This journey for me I think has taught me so much already. Not only has it taught me to read my bible more often and to trust in His word but it has also shown me how much I rely and value the communities I belong too.

I have an amazing group of ladies and gents who time after time include me in their prayers. • They don’t include me in their prayers because it is what they are meant to do, they don’t feel obligated to pray for me and they certainly don’t do it because they think for one moment that I am doomed in all of this! •

They do it because I am part of their community. That community is not confined by four walls, it isn’t defined by the time we spend together and it isn’t limited to a certain number of miles .

Community is one that promotes love, cares for each other no matter the distance, allows you to be vulnerable and never gets annoyed when someone asks to be remembered in prayer.

I could not do this journey without the secret, often in the background people that surround me. It is those people who quietly pray for me, quietly give me a hug when I need it or quietly offer up thoughts to boost me despite the miles between us.

We are invited into a community continually everyday by God, He sent Jesus to us to invite us in to this amazing community knowing that it is what our hearts crave and it is what we need here on earth when going through a battle or just living a life full of blessings.

So whatever your communities; know that it is ok to not be independent but to rely on those around you. It doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you stronger than you could ever imagine.

With that and Gods word what could possibly stand against us 🦁 #powerinhisword #hecreatedusforcommunity 🙏🏻💙#praytogether

Thank you my communities that are friends for all your prayers, love and support! I’d be lost without you and my faith. ❤️

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