Just a kiss but ……..

Just a kiss but ……..

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This week I couldn’t have chemo, my neuts (better known as the immune system part of my body) decided to be too low and although it is annoying I would rather that than risk sepsis (which is a possibility if went ahead with chemo) • it’s not a great result but at the end of the day I have to trust that God knows best and although it sucks to think I’m not tackling this, it reminds me who is in control!

I did want to share what happened whilst I was sat in the chemo unit waiting for my blood results to come back • I sat across from a couple. The lady was probably my age, she wore a blue head scarf as she had obviously lost her hair, there was a sick container in front of her and she was trying to sleep while her chemo took place. Next to her sat her husband.
God asked me to pray for this lady, so I did. I sat in the hustle and bustle where I was and asked God to take care of her.

A minute later I watched her husband lean forward and kiss the top of her forehead.

In that moment I heard God tell me that, despite how I might feel or worry, He has not gone anywhere. He is kissing my forehead in the same way that husband kissed his wife. He is a constant in my life when things seem to be ever changing and I have bad news, He will not forsake me or leave me. It was a real light bulb moment, I knew the Lord was talking to me and the message was so clear.

If He is for me, who can be against me!

I also felt strangely drawn to this post this week so thought I’d share it too:

Have a good weekend everyone 😘

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