Some days are tough and others are ……….

Some days are tough and others are ……….

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This week (it’s only Wednesday) has been a tough one.
But in it all I am reminded that the Lord sees me, He sees my situation and He is not content to sit back and let these things break me down.

I had treatment last week (new drugs) and have been blessed by God to not experience many side effects. I was told some scary stuff about side effects before I left treatment and yet I walked out of Rosemere feeling as good as when I went in. Now don’t get me wrong i am not saying t…See moreThe Passion Translation26 February · 

I will never fail you or disappoint you. My promises are rainbows of hope that cover you. My declarations over your life are greater than your heartache. Your tears are liquid words that I read and understand. Never doubt My conquering love, for I have determined to build you up into a spiritual house filled with trust, hope, and love.

PSALM 38:9 (TPT)
Lord God, you know all my desires and my deepest longings. My tears are liquid words and you can read them all.

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