New drugs; new day

New drugs; new day

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New drugs; new day! And not such a bad day, but I am not surprised as every time I step into that place God just introduces me to new things and thoughts.
Today I met a lovely girl, and God caught my attention with her as we share the same date for our birthday and she is a twin. I really feel that God wanted to teach me about exploring some other options at the Christie and boy did He talk to me about that today.

I have been told that the side effects of this drugs can be a bit scary, it can give my vocal cords a spasm which will make me feel like I can’t breathe and my throat is closing up, I will need to wear gloves for the fridge and go down a freezer aisle on the supermarket will hurt me too. But I walked out of that centre and felt no pain… I am under no illusion that it might happen or I might feel something different but my hair may grow back, my skin may go back to normal and i am still fighting so what is there to worry about!

These drugs are effective, and yes they have nasty side effects but I stand before them and tell them to flee. I don’t want you thanks very much!

Your mind is an incredible thing, so rather trusting my feelings I trust my mind to sort my body out and get it to line up with my way of thinking, with health, and with healing.

Thank you for all of your love, care and kindness in this. You are wonderful people! I would be lost without you! Stay amazing because you make peoples lives brighter! 💜👍🏻

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