Guess what ……..

Guess what ……..

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As ever never a dull moment with this path I’m on…

This week has been a bit testing as I was told I needed to have urgent bloods taken because my kidneys weren’t functioning as they should be. Despite not being aware of this I did what they asked me to do and drank dutifully my two litres of water a day. As many of you may understand water to me is boring (someone has suggested a great alternative to make it livelier so I will be testing that out this week) but for a day and a half I drank two litres to be ready for the bloods to show my kidneys were functioning well.

A day and a half worth of water was not going to massively change the results if that I am certain, so I jumped on my phone to my trustee church ladies and asked for them to stand with me asking God to make the difference.

And guess what He did!

I have just heard back that my bloods for my kidneys are back to normal levels! It had been such a worry to me, what if my recent back ache was because of them or if they were failing under the pressure of so much chemo! I wouldn’t have been surprised if that was the case, however I have always maintained that my body was created perfectly psalm 139;14! So this body falls under His creations and will continue to work as He intended.

Why do we worry and fear things out of our control when we have a God that can work His power for our good in all things. I trust Him in all of this and I need to trust that when things come up (which they inevitably will) I will give them back to Him and trust that He will resolve it all.

This has given me a real wake up call, His healing is being manifested in my body, throughout. And as a good friend said to me today Luke 10;19 He has given us the power to commend these things to not harm us, it is in Jesus living in us that we can have authority over schemes that set to cause us harm.

I will be raising so many Hallelujahs for this blessing! (Listen to raise a hallelujah by bethel if you haven’t already) it is my anthem song suggested by another wonderful lady in this battle!

I have a scan on Sunday, I have not been given a spirit of fear (Timothy) about it but know that I want to ask God again to show those doctors just how powerful He is! I have no doubt in Him! If you could pray (if it’s your thing) that would be amazing thank you everyone 💕🙏🏻😘

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