Hope and …… a promise

Hope and …… a promise

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Singing this morning at church and again God brings me to this image with it words across the front.

I think recently have been a bit anxious about my body, what is this horrible poison (which is playing its part) doing to those healthy cells in my body and my other organs.. I see side effects, my skin coming off because it’s so dry, my fingers splitting and losing taste buds. I am as ever amazed at how my body is taking each and every shot of chemo, He truly made me perfectly! Yet it is being tested to a great extreme.

Despite all of this I have a been given a HOPE; an assurance, and a PROMISE that this will end. It isn’t forever & His word promises me that I am healed.
People find it really hard to understand how you can believe in something that you can’t see or be confident in, yet everyday we believe in love because we can feel it for those around us. I didn’t choose this path but I will trust in Him through it all because i can’t imagine this journey relying on human wisdom rather than His higher power.

I have been surround by some amazing people; they lift me when I need it, they encourage, listen, be positive & share my passion for His glory to be seen in this situation! I love these people I’m doing life with! They have no idea how much they mean to me, and just what a huge blessing they are in my life. Regardless of where they live or how different our lives may appear we are connected by His love and His word! Just amazing!

In the next few weeks I have another scan to see what’s happening, and I have my 20th round of chemo! Lots of anxieties come up but I know that my trust is in something steadfast that PROMISES healing so what have I go fear! Absolutely nothing! Prayer to see my healing manifested would be amazing. Thank you 🙏🏻💙

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