What a pain but …….

What a pain but …….

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The past few days I have been plagued with a pain in the top of my hip going round to my back, it’s not been horrendous just a constant source of pain which can be so distracting it has stopped me from doing things with my girls. It’s not the worst thing but it has been annoying.
From the start I have known that God is in all my situations, gently creating a path through the wilderness as it says in Isaiah 43:19.
Yesterday I listened again to a video on fear and how standing on the word of God is the only way through anything we face. Therefore prayers have been about the power of Jesus taking away this pain, if he can part the Red Sea what is my little pain?!
This morning I have woken up with very little pain, and by the end of the day I know it will be gone completely. When we face anything if we have the word of God to stand on, what can we not face?! We can take on illness and any scheme the enemy throws at us!

Whatever you are facing don’t forget that our God is above all, His name is higher than anything and we are sons and daughters of the most high king… who have we to fear?!

All glory to Him! It’s no coincidence that my pain is gone! 🙏🏻💙 #prayerworks

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