Rubbish start , but …….

Rubbish start , but …….

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So today had a really rubbish start, if I’m being honest I think sometimes as humans we let the weight of the world build up around us and weigh heavy on our hearts and souls. It’s a natural thing to have these days in life in general never mind when you are faced with facts that tell you you should be worried or scared because facts in a world perspective are truth.

As ever I have had some amazing people alongside me today boosting me up and giving me those messages from God that take my faith to a different level. It’s been a day for letting others faith step forward in strength where I haven’t had the strength to do it.

God did speak to me though this afternoon, as I drove home the heavens opened and the hail that proceed to hit my car was incredible.
I watched the white hail build up on my car and listened to the deafening sound of it hitting the roof and windscreen. It was loud and scary. But I had the protection of my car, and I would get home and be ok.
In that moment I realised that God wanted me to see that the world and our worries sometimes feels like a hail storm, it’s loud and scary. But His Word is our protection, it says countless times ‘do not fear’ or ‘do not be afraid’ so we need to take note of that because if it’s mentioned more than once it must be pretty important in our walk with Him!

It doesn’t mean we won’t have fears because we are human after all but it does mean that when we do we can look to 1 Peter 5:7 and cast our fears onto Him because he cares for us more than we could EVER imagine.

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