Incredible how kind ……….

Incredible how kind ……….

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A friend shared an article today & it really brought Christmas joy into my heart…

“These — and a thousand other promises — came true that first Christmas. And they assure us that God will keep every precious promise he’s given us in his word.”

I will share a few updates today I’m sure whilst having chemo but this one really explores the truth of our celebrations at Christmas! Have a wonderful, happy, healthy Christmas! ❤️🎄🙏🏻 ……………..

It is incredible how kind people are when you are here, and what a difference it makes to your mind set! They will have no idea what s blessing they were to me today but it’s very much appreciated!

Another chemo almost done…

I have been learning and listening to God while sat here today, no downloaded movie for me to watch, just chatting to those around me and reading my book. What has struck me more than anything is that we have no reason to fear.

The lady sat next to me today has been lovely, very chatty and full of medical and holistic knowledge which has been great. But at the centre of it all, whilst we have been chatting I have heard a lot of fear coming from her. In everything she has talked about, there has been an underlying note of fear and worry.

I’ve listened and tried to help alleviate those as best I can, & at times I probably understand how she feels; however my overwhelming feeling is that I just want to give her what I have!

I want her to have what I have, that no fear or worry because I know there is a power in me that arrives on Christmas Day!

That then leads me on to the other side of things that God has been prompting me on. My healing is promised in His word but it also says it has already been given. That means it is mine, my body is healed.
So I need my healing now to be manifested in my body. It’s such a hard thing to get your head round, it doesn’t get preached about often but as I see it I need to be thanking God for it, and asking for everything to be cleared out the way (including some of my thoughts) so that I can see that manifested healing in my body! My prayer life now needs to reflect that too!

I have so much on my side, why would I be anything but positive and full of joy! I just need to distribute that joy and fearless living out to others as much as I can! The enemy better be fearful because I am a lioness that will not stop 💙🙏🏻🦁

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