What a journey …..

What a journey …..

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I have been so supported by people on here so wanted to let you all know my bloods are good enough today for me to have chemo!

Not only are my bloods good enough for chemo, but my CEA which is the blood cancer marker in my system was back at 2000 which is where it was when I was diagnosed and yet after more prayer God is working within me and with this power we have bought it back down to 995! They were really worried with it being so high but scans didn’t show anything that reflected why they were so high.

God is really manifesting His healing within me! I know He has given me the authority to bring Healing into my body and it is amazing to be on this journey with Him!

Keep praying for us to all see this manifested within me, I know I am healed as this is what is promised in Peter.

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