People who are there ……

People who are there ……

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Been here for 6 hours and no treatment ready!
But never mind, onwards and upwards… no point having a winge as every nurse is working so hard and it’s not their fault they are absolute angels!

I have also been blessed today with meeting some amazing people, the couple sat next to me have kept jumping up to make me brews and make sure I had everything I needed, plus we have talked for most of those six hours! Then I met a lady and her niece who again have chatted to me and cheered me up no end! Offering help whenever I need, just at the end of the phone line if I’m having a bad day, and a friend who has been there and is smiling out the other side of it saying the perfect things to keep me on the right side of my positive attitude!

It is incredible how kind people are when you are here, and what a difference it makes to your mind set! They will have no idea what s blessing they were to me today but it’s very much appreciated!

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