There are people and then there are people …….

There are people and then there are people …….

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So today has been ‘interesting’ and is only lunchtime! I met a lady, when I say met I was in a shop buying something and she was the lady on the till. She has known of my family but I don’t ‘know’ her in anyway really.

Well what can I say about our conversation, stunned to silence I think probably covers it and she came across as a little nutty. Now please don’t think I am one for going about and banding that word around lightly. But when faced with someone who is going through treatment for cancer, you do not say “oh well chemotherapy doesn’t work it’s a money making scheme” or “you must have suffered an emotional trauma in order to get cancer”

She was a firm believer that food has a massive impact on healing. Now for me this has been slightly true and I firmly believe that what we put into our bodies can help us to get better but I do not believe it will heal me, only God can do that! Her comments landed on deaf ears thankfully but it did get me thinking… is this what I come across like because I believe God will heal me. Am I nutty?! Probably!

In someways I think I am, and I know people who think I am in denial because I am believing in something other than modern medicine. But in another way I believe that putting your trust in something like she has is the only way through this journey!

Now I wouldn’t ever tell someone if you don’t believe in my God you will probably die. So in a way we are nothing alike but I do like to let people know that in ‘my’ situation God will have the glory in this journey! I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in but I also would never push what I believe on someone in the way she did. We are all with our own opinions and beliefs. I’m just pleased she has something she can believe in so passionately!

Also I think for anyone who doesn’t have a faith, her words would have floored you! It would have brought a lot crashing down around you, and I realised just simple praise for the God who loves me and is going to heal me from the inside out is needed from me! It is the best way to overcome someone else’s comments like this.

Don’t tell anyone but I actually prayed for her as she talked at me in the shop, obviously not so she could hear but she really came across to me as someone who is lost and I love that we have a God that is always looking to bring His sheep within the loving embrace of His arms!

I am blessed to have something that is a continuous source of strength on this journey! 🙏🏻💙

One thought on “There are people and then there are people …….

  1. “I’m just pleased she has something she can believe in so passionately!”

    As someone who gets very vivid mental images in my mind from reading written words, I actually chuckled when I read this sentence.

    Your faith will continue to be an inspiration and I am so glad you knew Jesus was with you to help you through encounters like the one in this post.

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