Waiting on His word …..

Waiting on His word …..

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Been learning lots this week, so watch this space for when it finally sinks in and I can write about it all…
Today I had an hour where I wasn’t working, wasn’t on a school run or providing cuddles for one of my girls. So I did what I find hardest to do and rested! I am not a resting type of girl, I like to be on the go and nipping somewhere or doing something to fill my time.
But it got me thinking, why do we try to fill our lives with ‘jobs’ or tasks?! The rush of life has become all too familiar and sometimes all we need to do is slow down.

Now I’m not saying that you should stop doing those things that make you feel useful or like you are achieving something. Many of us need that tick list to cross off those tasks we have done, and it can be the best feeling to know you have a day where you have achieved something! But what if we are missing out by not taking the time to rest?
Rest is not laziness, it is not being a coach potato or to do with being tired. Sometimes it is simply allowing ourselves to reflect. To just sit.

For me that is often a scary prospect but I am being taught that when I just sit, it is then that I can be taught. I learn more about the God that I serve in those times than I do at any other time in my life. In those times He speaks to me in a way that makes me sit up and listen. He is teaching me that rather than rushing into things, in order to receive from him we have to be willing to spend the time to just sit. We all have time to just sit.

We can’t expect to receive from God if we don’t spend the time being patient before Him. If we don’t spend the time to meet with Him in this way imagine the blessings we are missing simply because we thought our ‘jobs’ were more important than what He has to give us! Being patient and just sitting is tough if you are an ‘on the go’ person but the rewards could be miraculous! #thatistheGodwelove 💙🙏🏻 #waitingonHisword

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