Check in with friends ……..

Check in with friends ……..

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I haven’t written for a while and I realised that might look to people like I’m struggling or not sure what to write because it’s negative.
That isn’t the case at all, I have been moved and touched by God so much recently. He is doing some great works!
I had results on Monday which were positive, my lymph nodes have started to respond praise God! Also my liver is shrinking and the bowel is stable. My blood cancer marker levels have increased but even the consultant said I didn’t think we would have positive news to give you. You don’t know MY GOD!
He is working in my body and He will not finish until those works are complete!

So yesterday while watching Heidi at gymnastics I was reading a book about Miracles in wastelands. God prompted me to check in on a friend by sending her a message about eagles and soaring high. In response it turned out the day before God had given her a picture to save to her phone, you guessed it it was an eagle!
As I continued to read God prompted me to understand that in this time, while I know the end result of healing is already given, I am in a wasteland that looks bleak but that HE is stretching me (growing my faith and understanding of Him) all the time which is so exciting. The post attached is the passage from the book I am reading, what a wonderful thing to be challenged by. I am not planted in this wasteland but I have a God that will carry me over bits of it when I need him too.
At one point this week I needed that to happen.

I attended a conference for patients who are part of support groups in Lancashire, I used to organise this event when I worked at Rosemere and even now I still am involved through my job as fundraiser. But essentially I attended as a patient this year. It was a fantastic conference with lots of information on research and not being afraid to ask about trials. I made some lovely contacts with people and had a good day. Up until the last consultant came to speak, she was ok. But half way through it became apparent she does what lots of consultants do and struggles to understand who her audience is. I think the words that hit me and many others were “chemotherapy doesn’t cure cancer”.

Now I’m not looking to chemo to cure me, because I have a higher power that has healed me. But it was a classic case of think before you speak who you are speaking too. There were ladies there still going through chemo and this really affected their spirits.
I know what I believe but it can be hard to stand firm on that word when a wind blows against you. However my trusty team of wonderful women rallied round me and sent messages to boost me. Making sure I was standing firm once again. I am blessed in all of this beyond measure by fabulous people, who message me, send cards and ring me to keep me standing on the word. I appreciate you all so much and you are huge blessings!

Chemo this week, let’s see who He plans for me to meet! Different schedule but one that is blessed with connections 💙🙏🏻

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