Fear and feelings ……..

Fear and feelings ……..

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This morning I have been worshipping and listening to a podcast by a wonderful lady. In so many instances we face each day with fear, it is an overwhelming feeling that can often encourage us to drown under the weight of that feeling.
But what if we acknowledged the feeling, feel it for a moment and then tell it to go.
Sounds simple but it is anything but simple and it isn’t easy. However it doesn’t mean we have to sit with that feeling.

Romans 8: 37
In all of these things we are more than CONQUERERS, through HIM that loved us

We can win the battle that fear is telling us we can’t! Because maybe it is a feeling that once felt we should be commanding to leave us!

God wants to give us gifts, and he would never give us a gift of fear. So if he hasn’t given us it, and yet there is a situation that continually makes us fearful, then it is trying to prevent us from going to the other side of that situation. The enemy is trying to prevent us from reaching the promises God has for us.

So whenever I feel that fear, I find a promise in the word and use it as a shield to prevent it from affecting the rest of my day. It isn’t easy but it is totally worth it, to sit in the word of God.

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