How do you know ……

How do you know ……

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This post has been a long time in coming and I haven’t really known how to write it! Not because it’s bad or negative, in fact far from it. But God has been teaching me things that I need to get in some kind of order (still doesn’t make much sense) so that I could explain where the path is taking me next…

Through all of this reading my bible has become so much more than it ever used to be, I was (I hate to admit) one of those who would pick up my bible every now and 4 months time and was never sure what I was meant to read. And it never really spoke to me, I read it and then would ask God to use it but I never felt the connection.
It has become my go to now in this battle, I love reading books that support the word but more than ever I love finding those verses that jump out of the page at me! It’s those verses that are HIS PROMISES. How incredible that it is filled with PROMISES! And our God is a God that doesn’t break promises!

Whenever I have heard preachers on reading your bible and it being part of the armour of God, I listened but never took it in. How can we put on an armour, and what does that mean?

Well simply put I believe that when we face battle, which is most days, let’s STAND in those promises in HIS word! Why would we not?!
By standing on His word, it means we LEARN verses, we read odd verses maybe from something we see on Pinterest or something we remember from a song at church. Google it, find out where in the bible that verse is and learn it. GOD is trying to teach us every day with His word but we just get too busy to stop and read! So I have started to stick post-its up in our house!

The next bit of my post is all about a church service I went to in Walsall at the weekend.
Andrew Womack was preaching, not on healing but he is a big advocate that we already have the power and authority to be healed.
So after my manic Saturday night organising our charity ball I decided that regardless of sleep needed I had to be there!
We got there early, which wasn’t planned, and sat around having a brew before we went into the hall. After a while we decided to go and get a seat, there had been phone calls prior to the date from marks uncle about me having prayer from Andrew but it wasn’t guaranteed and they said he may not be able too as the venue would be packed with over 1,000 people.
As we walked in, Andrew Womack was stood in the doorway praying for someone so we saw this and took it! I waited to speak to him, told him what was wrong in my body. He asked if I had any pain, to which I said no not at all. And he then asked ‘so how do you know you have cancer?’

That question will stick with me forever!
In the midst of all of this I am trusting the word of humans. Now don’t get me wrong, I know the scans show what is in my body, but if I KNOW I will be healed why am I trusting them with their results and not having belief in what is written in the word!

He prayed for me to be healed quick, and he prayed for the damage that has been done to my other organs through the treatment.
This is something I have worried about for ages, but not voiced to Andrew. So to have a prayer over that was amazing! He was prompted by MY God!

The service was about getting our minds to be in line with the word so that our bodies can match up! If we stand in the word of God then our bodies will start to respond to that and fall in line. How we shouldn’t beg for something when it is already given. If I give you my bible, and then you look at me with my bible in your hand and ask for my bible. I would probably look at you a bit confused! So God is no different! He says we are healed so why would we keep asking!
He talked about Authority, The Holy Spirit and the power of Jesus Christ in us! We have the authority to HEAL ourselves because we have been filled by the Holy Spirit and we have the power of Jesus within us!

It was amazing to hear things that God wanted to say to me, everything for that day lined up so I got to hear from God. Little miracles like Amy not having to take Ashton (her son) to football that day, marks Uncle saying he would drive and wanting to go even when I hadn’t told him I was going, and being there an hour early to be greeted by Andrew.
I was meant to be there and to hear all that was said!

With the length of this post you can probably see why it has taken me so long to write! Sorry it’s been a real week of revelation and I am so excited of what is to come!

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