Whispers in the ear ….

Whispers in the ear ….

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So today I got some results back and they show that at least three of my tumours have shrunk with the one on the lung almost completely gone! These are some God glory amazing results!
However I am focussed on the fact that my lymph nodes have yet to get the memo on the what they should be doing and that there is a slight progression with them.

Why when God wants us to see his splendour and the work his doing in us are we focused on disappointment. I am not under any illusion that I am currently listening to the wrong whispers in my ear! I need to tell those whispers to do one, and focus on the one simple truth (Philippians 1:6) HE who started this work in me will see it to completion.
I TRUST HIS WORD! I have faith in it & I need to start listening to the whispers that build me up, give me strength and push me forward in my faith. These results are amazing, & I give him the glory fully trusting that this is stepping further out on the water of faith and it will all go!

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