Working wonders …..

Working wonders …..

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This week has been a tough one, and not because I have felt particularly down but I think because I let fear in and man is it hard to push it out once you let it in!

But I listened to a very wise lady who said “it’s ok to feel fear, in fact it is totally natural in a situation where you are surrounded to feel that way. What you don’t want to do is sit down and make friends with it or let it hang around too long!”
This has been true of this week, whilst I may feel fear I WILL NOT allow it to steal my joy or my positivity or worst of all any of my FAITH!

I have listened to songs & podcasts, had some amazing support from friends and then reading this tonight got me thinking even more. I knew this whole journey would be a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs but one thing I know for certain is I will fight. And what if my fighting spirit is scaring the enemy. What if when I go out and say ‘yes it is looking worse but you know I have a God that HEALS’ or to those doctors that want to give me the harsh facts I say ‘thanks but I’m not afraid because HE created me perfectly’

I have come to the realisation this week that my approach in all of this terrifies the enemy because I might just sow a seed in someone’s mind that GOD gave his son for YOU! They might see someone approaching what should be terrifying differently and wonder why or how that is possible…

To think I might just show more than a few people the light that is my God is amazing but equally that kind of power and influence is not quite what the enemy had in mind and he wants to stop it in its tracks.

So I say to you cancer I WILL NOT stop fighting you, enemy I WILL NOT stop praising God and fear you can keep walking because you are not welcome to stop and rest at my door! I will see healing and miracles, because I my God is a God that keeps his promises!

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