Fear has no place ………

Fear has no place ………

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Today I went, with Heidi, to clip and climb. It got me thinking about my walk in all of this.

My eldest daughter as many of you might know isn’t the most daring of children, to be fair she is a little bit of a wimp with new things and quite cautious in her approach to most things. We arrived and she immediately clung to my clothes, she kept saying “mummy I don’t want to do this” “Mummy stay with me”
Now again as most of you will know my response was not going to be one of “you don’t have to do this”.
No, I crouched down looked her in the eyes and said “stop being silly, give it a go and you will be fine!”

It may sound like I didn’t care that she was fearful or unsure, which is of course not the case at all. But I know that sometimes Heidi needs that extra push to try something.
My love for Heidi is unconditional, and exceeds anything that I ever imagined, but in that moment she needed a Mummy that would push her to try something, face that little bit of fear she had & step forward.

For me, I am fearful occasionally, I don’t quite know how to approach this mountain in front of me and I need a gentle push from the boat to get out onto the water. That push comes from my Heavenly Father. He LOVES me unconditionally and knows what is best for me. He knows that my fear is not built on truth, it comes from uncertainty and it has no strength against FAITH. I need to trust him just like Heidi trusts me, He will not let me fall!

The second thing he taught me today was about fear. When Heidi looked at that wall in front of her she was fearful because she didn’t trust the safety harness to hold her.
She also climbed and then wasn’t quite sure how to get down. The cable attached to her would help her if she just leant back and let go.

But how scary is that to do sometimes?!
Just lean back and let go of the one thing that is keeping you on a firm footing!

Yet in that moment I realised that often my fears rise because I am trusting a mountain to hold me up & not God.
I need to trust that my safety harness which is HIM is securely fastened and I can not fall!

And the cable that attaches you to the wall, so that when you get to the top you can just push off with your feet, let go with your hands and drop slowly back down to the ground; Heidi was secure in the knowledge that this would not let her fall in a heap and was her safety!

We have our very own cable and we are attached to the almighty presence of the Lord, by HIS word and His Promises. we can not fall because we have the best secure line directly to Him. What have we to fear when we are connected to Him – they are HIS promises and HIS LOVE never fails!

So often I let fear creep in through thoughts of what happens if my lymph nodes don’t respond or if my liver just pushes this thing further into my body.
But that fear has NO place in my thoughts & it will not push out any of the FAITH that I have because I am connected to the most STEADFAST safety line. When I can TRUST that He has this covered, good things come from him and His truth is written out plainly for me to see – By His stripes I am HEALED!

At the end of the session, my daughter turned round to me with the biggest smile on her face and said “can we come again tomorrow Mummy?”
Such joy in knowing that fear has no place when you can confidently trust that you will come to no harm when you are resting in the presence of God. 💙🙏🏻

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